ADALM-Pluto: Sampling frequency, transmiter


I programing ADALM-pluto in C using libiio. I would like to ask about sampling frequency. When I creating BPSK modulation and transmit singal and set baud size for example 200 samples, I receive on receiver one baud size 400 samples. My question is if I set sampling frequnecy on device to 4MHz, then I receive 4 MSamples/s I and Q or I receive 4MSamples/s I and 4 MSamples/s Q?

Second question is about how to set "rf_port_select", when I want to transmit, receive or transmit and receive?

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  • Sample rates are in regards to a complex sample (I+Q). So a sample rate of 4MS/s will give 2 streams (I and Q) at 4MS/s.

    Pluto is a full duplex transceiver with independent transmit and receive paths. Keep the ports at A_BALANCED and A. Otherwise you will transmit to a grounded pin or receive from a grounded pin. By default in FDD mode, the transceiver will continuously transmit and receive data.