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ADP5587 documentation discrepency?

Question asked by jfdagenais on Nov 4, 2011
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I am integrating an adp5587 in our system. I am using Linux 3.1, (drivers/input/keyboard/adp5588.c from Michael Hennerich).


I am observing something which should not be according to the spec.


The GPIO_DAT_STATx register description says:

GPIO data status (shows GPIO state
when read for inputs and outputs)


I have configured one of the pins (R6), which is not used in the key matrix, as a GPIO. I write 1 in the data out bit, and 1 in the direction bit. When I probe the corresponding pin, I see the logical 1 I expect. But when I read the GPIO_DAT_STAT1, the bit is 0. According to the register description, as well as figure 14 of the spec, I should read a 1 for R6, but I am not.


Here's a command dump:

root@jfdg3:~# i2cget -f -y 3 0x34 0x17
root@jfdg3:~# i2cget -f -y 3 0x34 0x23
root@jfdg3:~# i2cget -f -y 3 0x34 0x14

As I said, the scope corroborates the logical 1 driven by the data_out.


Any explanation?