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How to load different end-user presets on a adau1701 without MCU

Question asked by Bazeman on Oct 18, 2017
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I'm using a ADAU1401/1701 DSP for some of our projects, but I want to be able to load completely different sigma studio project files, preferably with a dip switch, or with a single button that rotates the available preset slots. 

My single programs are allready using all of the instructions that are available so I can't add all the different setups/presets that I want in 1 file/EEProm.


Also I don't want to use a separate MCU I was thinking on these solutions:


1) Make a "boot" program in sigma studio that only contains the preset switch setup, and load the parameter preset file from another EEProm from within this boot sketch. Can multiple files be stored into 1 (larger) EEProm and load the presets from pre allocated adresses? Is it possible to make a "boot" file that tells to load from a different I2S adress then the standard I2C 0xA0 (160) and physically install 3 extra 


2) Use different EEProms to boot from. Can this be done by toggle between several eeproms, as a memory bank?  Also would it be possible to switch between EEProm's when the DSP is running? I would prefer a smooth transistion between the presets without having to power down/up. 

Is it possible to make a "boot" file that tells to load from a different I2S adress then the standard I2C 0xA0 (160) and physically install for example 3 extra EEProms at 0xA1, 0xA2 etc...


3) Other option?

I know that it is possible as I have seen several end consumer product using the ADAU1401/1701 having these options and too my knowledge without the use of an MCU.. In case they would have used a MCU, you still need the basic setup for storing and choosing the right different setup files I guess?


I did a lot of searching allready, but I can't find any clear solutions how to do this in the most simple aproach.

Hope you guys can help out.