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(ADV7181D)Unstable LLC frequency case

Question asked by donadona999s on Oct 18, 2017
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Hi !

I already asked about ADV7181D LLC frequency at below thread.
(ADV7181D)LLC frequency after software reset. 
(ADV7181D)LLC waveform of ADV7181D during reset. 
And I want to make sure for other case.


As I wrote at other thread, our customer are using ADV7181D for automotive.
Rear and other cameras are connected to ADV7181D.
The interface is only CVBS.


Unstable LLC cannot enter to the SoC which they are using now.
So we want to confirm the case which cause LLC unstable.


Are there any case to cause LLC unstable?

I measured LLC waveform when I change AIN1 to AIN3 but LLC frequency was stable.


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