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ADXL357 usage

Question asked by Andy_Zcmm on Oct 18, 2017

Dear all:
Questino A:, if  ADXL357 the use of external clock, I have A few questions please answer:
1. PIN14 and PIN13 are used to connect the external crystals? How much is the two PIN feet capacitance?
2. If PIN13 and PIN14 are used to connect external crystals, so PIN14 to synchronous clock, need what to do in order to synchronize?
3. The ADXL after power on, you just need to synchronous time clock?
4. Every time after collecting data, GROUP DELAY time is just like TABLE10? Such as the ODR set 4 KHZ, so need to delay 0.63 ms after each sampling? In this case, the sample is 4 k data sampling finish or data sampling to the 1 point?
5. If not for clock synchronization, or what effect will this clock synchronization have what effect?
Question B, in our test under the condition of 800 hz 15 g, often appear more than 15 g, ,some data (unit of m/s ^ 2) as follows:

Collected data, two minutes is more than the maximum value, rather than a random interference, excuse me this how to solve?