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ADV7611 PRIM_MODE and VID_STD settings

Question asked by BenCaris on Oct 18, 2017
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table 6 in the UG-180 describes the valid input video modes.
Two primary modes are available: HDMI-COMP and HDMI-GR.

In my understanding the HDMI-COMP mode expects a signal in the YCbCr format and the HDMI-GR mode expects a signal in the RGB format. Am I right about this?


My second question, related to this, is if it is possible to process an HDMI input signal with a 525i or 625i format and an RGB color space. In table 6 of the UG-180 I can't find this combination.

Either the resolution is right or the color space is right, but no valid combination of 525i or 625i and RGB seems to exist.


On the other hand, table 7 in the UG-180 describes video modes 6, 7 (720x480i @60Hz) with PRIM_MODE setting 0x6 (HDMI_GR) and VID_STD 0x2 (800x600 @72Hz).

I am confused, in my understanding tables 6 and 7 don't match to each other.


Final question: as far as I know, the ADV7611 can't convert a progressive video signal to an interlaced video signal, as there is no buffering of data. Am I right about this?