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Why does the AD9371 profile fail to generate usable myk.c?

Question asked by cherish on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by cherish

Hello, I meet a problem in making configurations for AD9371. If I only use RadioVerse software to generate myk.c,myk.h and myk_ad9528.c and load to the SDK project,it can run.However,if I use AD9371 Filter wizard to output profile,and load the profile to RadioVerse to generate myk.c,myk.h and myk_ad9528.c(when I use the RadioVerse,I keep the computer and zc706 board connected with the TES sdcard on),there are differences between the corresponding files although parameters(Tx,Rx sample rate , bandwidth  and etc) are the same.And the three output files from the second way of generation can't be use in SDK project,for it shows error in serial debugging.So what's the correct way to use AD9371 Filter wizard and RadioVerse to generate usable myk.c,myk.h and myk_ad9528.c? For the selection of sample rate and bandwidth are limited in RadioVerse selection bar,which may not satisfy our need.Looking forward to your reply.