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(ADV7181D)LLC frequency after software reset.

Question asked by donadona999s on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by donadona999s

Hi !


I have a question about ADV7181D LLC frequency.

Our customer are using ADV7181D for automotive application.

Rear camera is connected by NTSC to ADV7181D.

The SoC vender which they are using said , if LLC would be unstable, maybe SoC will hang-up.

Our customer measured when they set software reset by I2C.

It look LLC will be unstable 4.7ms after the software reset(0x0F => 0x80).



Would LLC be unstable when they set software reset(0x0F =. 0x80)?



Why LLC will be unstable when they set software reset?

I think all circuit will be reset and it includes PLL and that cause unstable LLC.



Can you define the period until the waveform is stabilized?

I think the only way is measured by our customer.


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