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ADCs not functioning on ADAU1701

Question asked by B_arcbox on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by DaveThib

Hello all,


Another question for you .. If anyone can help at all!


I  have been driven mad recently by attempting to get the ADC functioning on the ADAU1701, for a potentiometer controlled volume.



Sure electronics ADAU1701 board, 50K potentiometer, 9v board supply.



I initially connected the pot up to MP2 (centre) with GND and 3.3V. No attenuation could be seen, with the ADC port (I assume correctly) setup in the hardware config. These pins are shown in attached image. I also tried the auxillary ADC circuit as in Fig.31 in the datasheet. 


Next step was to try and short MP2 to either GND/3.3v. I used a spare 22R resistor. All that resulted was the 22R getting HOT in 5-10 seconds.


Can anyone possible assist? I guess from the current sinking, the MP2 pin is configured as an output, but for the life of me it seems to be set up as an ADC in the config..


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