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fmcomms5 with matlab via libiio

Question asked by Baroch on Oct 17, 2017
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I have issues with connecting to fmcomms5 with matlab via libiio.
My setup is: AD FMCOMMS5 on XILINX 706. 
linux kernel 4.6.0 21/11/2016
driver version - have run adi_update_boot and adi_update_tools around 20-sept-2017

I've used the ADSB_MATALB example ( MathWorks_tools/hil_models/ADSB_MATLAB at master · analogdevicesinc/MathWorks_tools · GitHub  )
and managed to connect with the card via ethernet. But I lack enough documentation as for how to capture from multiple input channels, and how can I tell which input channel maps to what connector on the card.
i.e. J111 or Rx1A-A - how to tell the libiio driver to listen to each of them or to all of them. And how to understard the structure of information received back from the stepImp() function.