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AD7606 input offset

Question asked by tchaya on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by tchaya

On page 22 and Fig. 36 of the AD7606 datasheet, it is recommended to add a corresponding series resistor on the VxGND pin for applications that have a series resistance on the analog input to limit current below 10mA.


Does this apply only for applications with high input voltages (above +/-16.5V), or does this apply in general whenever there is a series resistor on Vx?


I'm using the AD7606 in a very low bandwidth application (< 1Khz), and I would like to add a first order RC anti-alias filter on the Vx pin. I'm wondering if I would have to add a corresponding resistor on the VxGND pin as well to comply with the datasheet.


I picked the AD7606 for it's multi-channel simultaneous sampling capability; I've already integrated it into my SW, and I would prefer not to change it unless there is a compelling reason.