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ADXL355 i2c interface

Question asked by SiliDoug on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by SiliDoug

Just some points of information re: the ADXL354/355 rev.0 datasheet w.r.t the ADXL355 in the hope of saving others some time.


You may do well to give a multibyte read example just after Figure 68 on page 26 or terminate the single byte read with a NAK instead of an AK before the stop condition. The i.c. follows i2c normal practice of requiring a nak to terminate a multibyte read, although this doesn't consistently apply to single-byte or two-byte reads (in these cases an AK is accepted). Symptoms are that the SDA line is held by the device after an AK is sent by the bus master, preventing a stop condition being issued.


The last sentence on page 26 (beginning "In cases where...") is correct but conflicts with description of the FIFO_DATA register on page 35. It appears that the last sentence is incorrect (as far as I can tell, the address pointer sits on the fifo address once autoincremented from a lower address).