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ADE7878 3-wire delta configuration measurements issues

Question asked by MarcoT on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by MarcoT

Dear all,


I am currently using an ADE7878 in a 3-wire delta configuration (see AN-639 figure 15.3).

The "CONSEL" value is set to "01" according to the data sheet.

Reading AVRMS and CVRMS I get some voltage values, but reading BVRMS I always read 0.

Also notice that AVRMS and CVRMS contains slightly different values, so I expect to see this difference in the BVRMS ( according to the "Voltage RMS in 3-Phase, 3-Wire Delta Configurations" chapter in the data sheet).

I know for sure that it is not a problem related to the gain values, because when "CONSEL" is set to "00" (and a different configuration is used) the three voltage registers provide some values I expect.

Why is the value in the BVRMS always set to "0" in the 3-wire delta configuration?