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Can not capture data from ADS7-V2EBZ

Question asked by ping_xiao on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by UmeshJ


 Recently, when I program FPGA  on ACE using  AD6688-3000EBZ with ADS7-V2EBZ, I measure

the output clk of AD9577 of  ADS7-V2EBZ  with oscilloscope, but sys_clk of AD9577 output  to FPGA  has nothing. but DDR3 clk of  AD9577  output  is 200MHz,80mv peak to peak. First I can confirm that the ADC's JESD204B PLL is locked and the refclk J3 of ADS7-V2EBZ is right,but I can not capture data from ace. When I use EVAL-AD9172 and ADS7-V2EBZ , I can get output data  of EVAL-AD9172. So I think when ADS7-V2EBZ  work with EVAL-AD9172 , the source data is directly generated by FPGA and transferd to DA by JESD204B, but When ADS7-V2EBZ  work with AD6688-3000EBZ, the data is already transferd to FPGA from AD, it is just not transfer from FPGA to DSP.The sys_clk of AD9577 of  ADS7-V2EBZ is maybe tranfer clk .