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AD7768 evaluation board output coding

Question asked by Terumasa on Oct 16, 2017
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Our customer uses AD7768 evaluation board then ,

it is seemed that the result of ADC is not 2's complement but offset binary.

Output coding of AD7768 is 2's complement only in datasheet .

Is this software issue ?

Could you teach me how to set 2's complement  ?


Attachment is its result ( input 0~0.5V)

He inputs 0~0.5V  to Ain+ pin  and GNS is connected to AIN- pin.

Analog voltage is correct but  LSB is not correct.

MAX: 0.49V  , 9400273LSB

MIN: 0.001V, 8.3908 E+6

Pk-Pk:  0.49V, 1009469LSB  ( about 490nV/LSB and this value is correct)


another attached file  input 0 ~-0.5 V is input  0~0.5V to AIN-pin and GND to AIN+pin.


Register is not changed and remains default setting ( check AIN1  only).