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ADV7842 Registers are getting reset to default values

Question asked by Mark@dPictImaging on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Box

We have a board design using the ADV7842. We have been working with a customers camera for a while now and are seeing a problem. The camera has a standard HDMI output to our board. After running for a few minutes the video from the output from the ADV7842 stops. When we look at the 7842 registers we see they have all been reset. However, we have not issues either a hardware reset nor a software reset. As I understand the part those are the only two actions that can reset all of the registers. POWER DOWN has not been issued either. I know that a POWER DOWN signal won't reset the registers but I wanted to answer the question before it was asked.


Are there any other instances that could reset all of the registers to default values?