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AD5933: There is no communication on the SCL and SDA pins

Question asked by ValterF on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by isantos

Hi, I am making a circuit with AD5933 on a PCB board, I have already validated the whole circuit in a prototype and now I am making it on a PCB, but it is not working, there is no output voltage on pin 6.


Already observes the continuity between the pins, already ensures that this all according to the datasheet of the components, and by the AD5933 be new believe it is not broken.


Analyzing, I saw that there is no voltage in the SDA and SCL pins of my circuit, the voltage present in both pins is around + 1V, as it can be seen below all my circuit and arduino has a same GND reference, I am feeding the arduino through the USB cable.
What could be happening? Is my IC burned? please thank you for any help!