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Two thermocouples on one AD7793

Question asked by Klippert on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by BrenS

We have a circuit that measures two thermocouples and both utilized an RTD compensation for remote measurement of the cold junction.  We are looking at a redesign that will bring the cold junction closer so that a PCB mounted accurate digital temp sensor (looking at ADT7310) can perform the compensation measurement.  In doing this I will not require the AIN2 channels on each of the AD7793s for the compensation circuit.


I see no reason why I can't use the AIN1 and AIN2 channels for two separate thermocouple measurements as they will share the same junction and therefore the 7310 can perform the compensation measurement.  However, I see no information in any datasheets showing that two thermocouples on one 7793 is a valid configuration.  Can someone confirm whether this is viable before I get too far down the prototype path?