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AD5560 Force Current Limit issue

Question asked by dcmoon on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by thomas.abiog



I am now testing the AD5560 Eval Borad. An external load is connected and test the output of the current. A current of about 300 mA  more is not output(less than 300mA Current output OK). The current clamp is not used and the measured value is less than the set voltage value when the MEASOUT pin is set to VSENSE while outputting 300mA (the measured voltage value is measured according to the set value at output of 300mA or less)

The power supply was connected to AVDD / HCAVDD = + 12V (22A), AVSS / HCAVSS = -12V (0.3A) and DVCC = + 3.3V (20A). Current Range is set to EXT1 Current Range.


I would like to know if the current of 300mA or more is not outputted because the input current of -12V is small.


Thank you.