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ADC data out issue

Question asked by vinodkaruvat on Oct 13, 2017
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I am using AD7949 ADC. It is interfaced to a Delfino MCU. I am using a 14MHz clock (it is the minimum clock recommended in the datasheet). Initially I was sending a very lock clock. There is no data from the ADC (MISO). So, I increased it to 14MHz. Still no luck.


Clock and MOSI.


The above image shows clock (14 cycles) and data sent from the MCU (in MOSI).


CLK and CNV.


The above image shows clock and CNV.




Clock and MISO. Yellow is clock while blue is MISO. Miso line shows some faint activity. The next figure shows an AC coupled MISO signal.


CLK and MISO (AC mode).


I probed the reference pin. It does not show any voltage. I am supposed to get 2.5V as it is done so via CFG register.

How can this be explained ? I am quite confused with the shown waveform. Any help is appreciated.