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What could influect the temperature conversation of ADT7310, becuase i get instable temperatur readings.

Question asked by on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by BrenS

During development of a temperatur protection and monitoring zenarion, i have massive problems to get the temperatur readings stable. To do closer analysis i bought a evaluation board, and played arround with external sensor. If i extend the extternal senosor i whit flat ribbon wire i get instable measurment esults, as sam as my prototype to devellop.


Because of similar problems i except somthing influences the conversation progress...

If i perform regular spi register read write, i can set end read back the correct values (eg setting the crit register).

Only reading out the Temperatur register i didnt get stable temperatur readings.. I also attatched a Logic analyzer close to the sensor and the readout data of the temp sensor is the same i recive at my host application.. Only the temperatur readings show questionary results... whit aut changin temperature it jums eg from 17 ro 22 degree celscius even if the sensor is either touched nor the temperatur arrond changes.


If i use the internal sensor of development board stable restults are monitored.