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Schematic difference between E310 and Zedboard and AD-FCOMMS3

Question asked by sushant714 on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by travisfcollins

Sir,  I am working on Zedboard with AD-FCOMMS3 daughter card. I have implemented OpenBTS in E310 board which is similar in terms of hardware configuration and makes use of UHD drivers for hardware communication. I want to build and run OpenBTS in the Zedboard - FCOMMS3 system. Reading through the schematics of both the boards. The Ettus E310 board uses separate pins (apart from the basic data and control signals - these basic signals and connected to the AD9361 IC whereas the select pins are connected to SKY13418 SP8T antenna switch ) for selecting the Tx/Rx antenna and filter banks directly routed to the Zynq EMIO whereas in AD-FCOMMS3 there are no such separate pins used for the same. I would be very helpful if someone could guide me for the above problem?