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AD9361 TX sample rate and RX sample rate

Question asked by xiecongshuaige on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by DragosB

DragosB HI  DragosB:

        We have successfully initialize the AD9361 in our PCB with hdl and no-os drivers.And we found that when we change the TX sample rate the RX sample rate was changed too,they will always the same.But when we use the chipscope to check the wave and we found that the TX sample rate is 1/2 RX sample rate.and I can't find the same timing diagrams in reference manual. Can you tell me why this happend? 

    Also the register 0x012 value is wrong,the value of register 0x012 is 0x42 which means swap ports is enabled.but when we set

    swap_ports_enable = 0;//

    the intialization is faliure.can you tell me how to solve these two problem?