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ADIS16480 J1 & J2

Question asked by SanjuG on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by NevadaMark

Hi Mark, 

As, the imu ADIS16480 is attached on the EVAL-ADIS board and pin are not physically available for SPI interface. 

I read the following wiki link ADIS16IMU1/PCBZ Breakout Board Wiki-Guide [Analog Devices Wiki] 

For ADIS161IMU1/PCBZ jumper J1 and J2 are 

and following is the picture of my imu board 

My question is, does the pin assignment for my board for J1 is the same as on the Analog-wiki-page? or is there any other schematic I should follow to access the pins for SPI interface?

did I labelled J2 correctly on my imu photo?


I really appreciate for your time and support, thanks again!