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(ADV7181D)LLC waveform of ADV7181D during reset.

Question asked by donadona999s on Oct 11, 2017
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I already asked about Pin status at this thread.

(ADV7181D) the status of output pins during PWRDWN 

And at this thread , I got answers that when our customer RESET the ADV7181D, LLC will be stable.

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Please see our experts answer below.

The ADV7181D LLC output is not expected to be unstable during reset, as it will be driving either high or low, so to a static level.

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But our customer check their ADV7181D output and it looks that LLC is not stable.

The waveform look very similar to this.

LLC waveform of ADV7180 during reset. 

Our customer are using level shift circuit and they measured the output from level shift circuit.

I'm asking to measure ADV7181D output directly and measure few units.

I will update after receive the waveform.



Do really ADV7181D outputs stable LLC(For example "H" or "L") when user reset this device?



It seems that it takes 2.3us until the frequency stabilizes.

Is this value(2.3us) reasonable?


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