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regarding noise levels seen in antenna in fmomms 4 board

Question asked by rahulram on Oct 12, 2017
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    i am using fmcomms 4 board along with zc706 board for my design which transmits and receive wlan 802.11 a packets . i am using no os driver.i have modified the hdl design according to my needs and it works perfectly fine when i use rf cables with fast agc settings.but i am seeing a lot of noise in the channel in which i transmit and receive when i use antenna at 795 mhz( i have tried setting different frequency but still a lot of noise) even though there is no traffic at that frequency, i have attached the iioscope output showing the noise levels i am getting and there is no one transmitting at this channel can you pls help me with this,is there some settings which could improve the erratic nature ? i have attached the screenshot of the plot of the signal received ,thanks