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DAC AD9744 evaluation board with DPG3

Question asked by TERRY123 on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by Biao.H

I have a plan to buy the DAC AD9744 EVB.(AD9744ACP-PCBZ-ND)


Q1 . Is a AD9744ACP-PCBZ-ND compatible with AD-DPG3?

I know that DPG2 has been replaced with DPG3 and DPG2's connector is same as DPG3.

But in the Analog device site of AD9744, it recommends to use with DPG2(AD-DAC-DPG-BZ).


Q2. is there any connector which is fit perfectly between AD9744ACP-PCBZ-ND(40 PIN UP HEADER MALE input) and DPG3(RA connector CMOS output) in the Analog device? Or should I use the jumper line respectively?


Q3. when I use the AD9744ACP-PCBZ-ND, do I have to inject power to the board by using power supply? is there any AC/DC converter version board(ex 220V AC / DC 5V, 9V)?


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