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ADV7611 Clocking Scheme

Question asked by RajaAshutosh on Oct 11, 2017
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As per ADV7611 Hardware User guide, I understand that it can take External 1.8 V, 28.63636 MHz Clock Oscillator at XTALP pin. Also, based on XTAL_FREQ_SEL[1:0] register, the crystal frequency can be changed to 27MHz.


We have following queries:


1. While using oscillators, what is the recommended connection for XTALN pin?

2. Can ADV7611 operate from 3.3V28.63636MHz oscillator at XTALP pin?

3. Can ADV7611 operate from 27MHz oscillator at XTALP pin? If yes, can it be 3.3V LVCMOS signal or is it mandatory to have 1.8V LVCMOS signal?

4. We are using 8 ADV7611 devices. Is it possible to use a single oscillator along with a 1:8 clock buffer instead of providing 8 separate oscillators?