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ADAU1772 initial push button volume with selfboot

Question asked by Harjo on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Harjo

Hi guys,


It seems the ADAU1772 does not apply the "initial push button volume" when it is running in self-boot mode. Similar behavior has been observed by others (see other ADAU1772 threads). Is this a ADAU1772 specific problem, or is SigmaStudio simply not including this parameter in the generated EEPROM file?



I found that adding these commands at the end of the EEPROM file fix the problem:

set PB_VOL_CONV_VAL to default (=None)

set PB_VOL_SET at the desired value

set PB_VOL_CONV_VAL to the converter you want to control


This is as described in the ADAU1772 datasheet, page 101:

Address: 0x003F, Reset: 0x00, Name: PB_VOL_SET

This register must be written before Bits PB_VOL_CONV_VAL are set to something other than the default value. 


However, in the 'original' EEPROM file the PB_VOL_SET is actually written before the PB_VOL_CONV_VAL are set. Only difference is that they are written in 1 block, so maybe that works out differently.


Unfortunately this is not a fix for the long term. Modifying the EEPROM (including calculating a new checksum) is not very practical. Can this problem please be addressed in the next SigmaStudio release?