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ADV7180 no output data of 1st pixel on P0

Question asked by AkiraO on Oct 10, 2017
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I received a question about Video Pixel Output of ADV7180 from our customer. According to the comment from the customer, there is no 1st pixel data on P0 of ADV7180.


The customer checked his system using "frame marker", which is outputted from signal generator. Then, he can't confirm the marker on the left side. The customer shift the marker to right side by one pixel. Them he can confirm the marker.


The customer would like to know it is specific of ADV7180. If no, the customer would like you to advice for countermeasures for this problem.


Could you please refer to the attached pictures? We can't see Y1 data on picture 1(the part of the arrow). We can see Y1 and Y2 data on picture 2(the parts of arrows). Picture 2 was output data of shifting one pixel to right side.


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