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HMC704+HMC586 generate spurious signals at certain frequency

Question asked by RFyangyang on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by RFyangyang

Hi,our customer designing HMC704+HMC586+HMC1060  LO circuits,fref=320MHz,fpd=80MHz,LBW=300kHz,Frac B Mode,fout=4-8GHz,fstep= 1kHz.Spurious signals ( -60dBc@ 800kHz offset) can be found at 4019.999MHz,4020.001MHz,4059.999MHz,4060.001MHz,....and so on.We can see the spurious signal neither ref spur nor channel spur/int boundary spur.Can you help to analyze the causes and solutions of spur?Thanks.