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Question about AD8264's bandwidth

Question asked by coyoo on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by JinoL

Hello Guys,


We are using AD8264, which will replace AD603 in our applications. I have a question about the bandwidth comments in AD8264's datasheet. It says "Small signal :235 MHz" and "Large signal: 80 MHz (1 V p-p)". We chosed AD8264 just because of its wide bandwidth. Now i was confused what's "small signal" and what's "Large signal"? How ADI defines them?



If i can only get 80 MHz bandwidth (suppose our signal is large signal, for i don't know our signal belong to samll or large signal), it will no sense to do those hardware modification (AD603's bandwidth is 90 MHz).



BTW, we use VGAx as output.