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H.264 software module linked with uClinux tool chain

Question asked by BlairFredericks on Nov 3, 2011
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There is a H.264 software module that available with Visaul DSP++


This like says it is not possible in a Linux enviroment.

None of this information will help you link VDSP++ object files with gcc object files, or allow you to run VDSP++ objects in a Linux environment.


However can this precompile lib archive "libh264enc_BF561_48.dlb" be linked  using uClinux tool chain so it can be ran as a bare metal applcation  along with ICC on core B, while running uClinux on core A?


Under the heading Misc, it seems to suggest it is possible.


If not, is there any way somone could get a hold of the source so they could port it.

Would seem to be ashame have this great component and not be able to use it in this context.