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Could you please share the ADSPSC589 Ez-kit board IP Address

Question asked by hemanthkumar on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Gregchen
Can you please share the audio pass through example code in Linux platform.please share the ADSPSC589 Ez-kit board IP Address
Flash U-Boot to SPI flashing at minicom terminal we have faced error.Please find the attached snapshot.

Note: Please share the building commands and user guide document.

I am using Griffin processor ADSPSC589 board.
Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit.
CCES: sudo dpkg -i adi-CrossCoreEmbeddedStudio-linux-x86-2.6.0.deb
Linux:  sudo dpkg -i adi-LinuxAddinForCCES-linux-x86-1.2.0.deb
TFTP server.