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AD1372 - does DAC sample rate follow ADC rate?

Question asked by robbo1970 on Oct 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by robbo1970

I had a '1372 configured as 96K throughout and found the dB/Hz response plot as expected (effective low pass @ around 22K) but when I configure as 96K sampling and 48K I2S bus the response plot seems to have a low pass @ around 10K - this is sort of an aside to my question title but it was while looking for anything I could change to push that knee upwards in hertz that I was led to notice the lack of certainty about DACs - any tips here appreciated.


Whilst reviewing the datasheet I was challenged by a knowledgeable friend to confirm I was configuring the chip correctly as I truly intend and found myself at a loss to absolutely guarantee the DAC sample rate - ADC to DAC Talkthrough implies well enough that the sample rate is same but the DAC sample rate isn't mentioned in the details of any registers and I cannot find where it is mentioned elsewhere either. ADC can configure as 96K or 192K but


Happy enough to take the word of an AD rep but happier still if someone can point out documentation that clarifies this absolutely - I'll be a little embarrassed if it is in a document I have already referred to (or should have found easily enough) but terribly grateful either way.