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Optimized vs. non-optimized functions

Question asked by DannySmith on Oct 7, 2017
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I am using sigmastudio together with the adau1761 for an audio-project and have some questions related to optimized vs. non-optimized functions available in sigmastudio. For instance, this RMS compressor:


RMSMonoNo Ext DetectorRMS (Gain)49

uses 49 instructions where as the optimized version:

RMSMonoNo Ext DetectorRMS (Gain) Optimized15

uses only 15 instructions.


Do we lose anything (performance etc.) by using the optimized vs. the non-optimized function? When I tested the optimized SuperBass function, I seemed to get non-modulo memory usage which does not seem to work well in a Linux environment (signal becomes distorted). Does optimized functions use non-modulo memory or is it not related?


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