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multiple stimulus with single probe

Question asked by mtswan on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by KJBob

I am trying to probe from the merge of 2 different stimulus blocks and looking for some clarification.  


I click probe labeled 'L Probe', then the Stimulus labeled 'Left Stim' and see the response of everything from input 0 or Left Stim which includes a 50Hz High Pass filter, a 3kHz crossover.  I see something like this ( took these screenshots before inserting the 50Hz HPF):


Then I click 'Center Stim' which invokes input channel 3 that has a similar 50Hz HPF, a different crossover than the 0 channel.  I see something like this:


I am not sure what to have expected from the green trace, IN3, but wondering if someone could touch upon the effect of using 2 different crossovers and merging the signal.  The 500Hz crossover I selected actually comes out a little higher in frequency and with a lower crossover point magnitude (~ -8dB).  Is there a rule of thumb for using multiple crossover frequencies at different stages and merging?  


I also notice the merge block will compensate the gain based on number of inputs whereas the arithmetic add block will sum without considering the number of inputs.  Like this:



My ultimate goal is to have a 3.0 (L,R,C) audio output where part of the center ch. output is crossed over with part of the output of 1 of the main drivers in a 2x main 1x tweeter combo.  


Project is attached..