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AD8347 output amplifiers bandwidth

Question asked by Kalash on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by dmailloux

I'm using AD8347 in my transceiver board and i try to maximize received signal bandwidth. It's said in AD8347 datasheet  that it's output amplifier has 65 MHz -3dB bandwidth but in my system i see only about 35 MHz bandwidth. I see 1 dB attenuation at 65 MHz between mixer output and amplifier input and 10 dB attenuation at 65 MHz at the amplifier's output.

I'm connecting AD8347 directly to ADC10DV200 via 2 series resistors and a differential shunt capacitor. Values of this network don't seem to affect my problem as long as it's own bandwindth exceeds 65 MHz, but may be different network configuration might help.

I'd appreciate any help on increasing the bandwidth.