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AD9914 AD9915 Multi-chip synchronization: Switch off SYNC_OUT

Question asked by mikaelis on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by KennyG

Dear experienced users,


when synchronizing multiple DDS chips, is relevant that the SYNC_OUT of the master device keeps running _after_ the synchronization procedure was successful?

I remember reading somewhere that the SYNC_OUT can be disabled after the sync process but I can't this information anymore.

Does anyone have experience wether it is best to leave the SYNC_OUT running or not? I just want to get rid of all unnecessarily running clocks in my system so I'd like to turn off SYNC_OUT but I'm not sure if this might get me into some kind of unknown trouble ...


Best regards and thanks in advance !!



I also have a followup-question:

The datasheet says that CFR2[9] and CFR2[8] _must_ be set to "1" for the SYNC_OUT generator to be active. And that if CFR[9] is cleared, the SYNC_IN signal will be put out on SYNC_OUT (Page 34).

Yet table 18 says that if CFR[9] is "1" the SYNC in signal is routed to SYNC_OUT ...

Is this contradictory or am I getting somethin wrong?


Maybe someone can clear that up for me.