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Ad9361 TX Quad Calibration

Question asked by JoeLim on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by JoeLim

I got QUAD calibration fail (TX1_LO_CONV, TX1_SSB_CONV) time to time after I keep changing frequency(1740 to 1950 to 2350 and repeat).


I found one thing if I disable TX (TX Channel Enable[1:0}, Register 0x002), I got 99% QUAD CAL fail

If I added ad9361_en_dis_tx(phy, TX_1 | TX_2, TX_1 | TX_2) before ad9361_tx_quad_calib(), then this solve(not 100% but partially) QUAD problem.


I could not find anything related my finding in manual or engineering zone. Can anyone can explain why I need to enable ADI TX(But I did not enable PA or tx switch on our board) to pass QUAD CAL?