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exceptional bad quality of EVAL-HMC870LC5

Question asked by ironleaves on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by jdobler

Dear Sir or Madam,


we ordered 8 Evaluation boards of EVAL-HMC870LC5 several weeks ago via DigiKey for more than 600 € per piece. None of this evaluation boards is really usable for the following reasons:


1. The SMA Launchers soldered on every board are not straight but angled. This makes it impossible to use standard SMA-SMA interconnects while the Eval-Boards are mounted on a plate.

2. One of the Eval-Boards is out of the box damaged and it is not possible to establish any quiescent point for the device.

3. One of the Eval Boards has a short formed via a solder bridge between to pins of the chip. This bridge shorts VCTL to GND and cannot be removed since the lead is partly located underneath the chip.


Every point demonstrates that a:) there is a problem in the manufacturing process and b:) there is a problem in the testing process.


Personally, I work with RF devices since 12 years. Using RF devices I take care for ESD protection, right MMIC biasing procedures, DC-blocking and anything you can imagine.


So my questions are:

WHY IS THERE SUCH A LOW QUALITY although every evaluation board contains a sticker labeled "Q.C."? How does AD ensure the quality of it's quality control?


If wanted I can provide photographs documenting the issues mentioned above.


Best Regards,