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How to use Auto EQ filter coefficients in general 2nd order filter?

Question asked by mtswan on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by mmmike

I am happy to find the Auto EQ module in Sigma Studio to generate filter coefficients for EQing a speaker but am unsure of how to implement those filter coefficients.  The Auto EQ wiki says to use a General 2nd Order EQ filter. 


I have found the Index Selectable Filter has a 'load all coefficients' button and when loading the .txt file generated from Auto EQ, the ISF displays the individual filters created by the Auto EQ.  


I am unsure how to use that ISF as a multi-band filter such that all filters are enabled. Not just 1 filter selected by a DC block.  Do I need to create 8 individual 2nd order filter blocks and parse through the 40 coefficients generated for each individual filter block?  


What are the recommended filter blocks for the AutoEQ? 


My Auto EQ generated coefficients for 8 filters (so 40 coeffecients popped out into txt file) for a 1-way speaker.  

I am using a ADAU1452.