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MDMA transfer between Core0 (ARM) and core1 (SHARC)

Question asked by ThierryNolf on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by gyi

I have an application where the audio comes in over a network stream.

To process the audio I would like to transfer the audio samples from the ARM, running linux to the SHARC, programmed in Bare-metal.

I cannot use the MCAPI for this, because the scalar transfer is not supported.  I would never got the needed performance for the data transfer.


The most obvious way to solve this is MDMA transfers.


Is there any example code available to show how to use MDMA to transfer data from ARM to SHARC (and/or visa versa) ?

I do have an ADSP SC589 EZ kit to run the code on.


Some starting point would be highly appriciated...