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AD9910 2 wire comms programming Arduino

Question asked by FerAyza on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by mcee

Hello! I'm trying to program the AD9910 registers via arduino code on I2C protocol or something that uses an bidirectional data port. I'm very new on this issue so I'm gonna try to explain the situation. I want to write the registers for generate a frequency ramp. First of all i'm trying to write one single register and then read it with 'Wire' arduino library functions but doesn't work. 

I had connected on the schematich:

SDA to SDIO (pin 67 of AD99109)

SCL to SCLK (pin 69 of AD9910)

and CS, I/O_RESET and  MASTER RESET to a programable pins of a Sparkfun ProMicro 3.3 V/8 MHz (programmable with arduino)

Any idea?