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Multi channel Audio processor

Question asked by tjohn28 on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by tjohn28

I have a customer looking for solution for this. Audio processing.

Can you please let me know what you are suggesting as a solution. As hardware and software support.


Some highlights on a multi channel product:

          -12 bi-directional audio channels.  The channels could be routed through a variety of interfaces:

oline level in / out

oFXS/FXO ports

oThrough class D amplifiers to speakers (and talkback)

          -Support for a variety of codecs:




          -Sample rates 8Khz to ? (44/48K, 96K)

          -Ethernet 10/100 (1000?)

As I was saying today, rather than starting from scratch and trying to size the processor, divide out the functionality, and do a full design, there is an advantage to finding something with a reference design/app note which provides a path towards this type of product.  We still need to customize the hardware to fit out needs and morph the SDK into our protocol, but you get the feeling a design team of 1 HW and 1 SW guy can produce a result in a timely manner with a good chance of success.

For reference, More interested in the processor solutions provided by AudioCodes.