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AD7172-2 Use Case and Configuration

Question asked by dpetraut on Oct 4, 2017
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at first few information about what we intend to do. We want to measure a small current from a Biochemical Cell and convert it to a voltage with a low bias current TIA Stage. Based on the measured Gas (i.e. a reducing Gas Sensor) the TIA output is a positive or negative voltage from -2V5 to 2V5 volt. In order that we can use a single ADC (AD7271-2) we try to use the mentioned one with its inputs configured as pseudo-differential inputs referenced to AIN4 (currently AIN1 with the DevKit) (AGND).


we have the following hardware setup an want to make sure everything is

working correct:


We are useing the EVAL-AD717x-2SDZ (Rev-E) Evaluation Kit with a AD7172-2.

We changed the supply configuration to split supply (unregulated) by doing

the following:

1. Remove R58 to R62

2. Insert R85 for +/-2.5V Operation

3. Set SL2 to B for ext AVDD1

4. Set SL3 to B for ext AVSS

5. Set SL5 to A for ext IOVDD

6. Remove LK 8 to 12

7. Set LK1 to B for for 2.5V AVDD1

8. Set LK2 to B for ext. power supply from J5


Then we connect the power supplies as follwing:

AVSS = -2.5V


AVDD = 2.5V

IOVDD = 3.3V


And the input as follows:

AIN0 = variable Voltage from -2.5 to 2.5



Finally we configure the AD7172-2 per software:

Setup register: 0x1000 //Bipolar coded output (offset binary)

Channel0 register: 0x8001 // Channel 0 enable; AINNEG0 = AIN1; AINPOS =


Filter register: 0x0015 // output data rate: 2.5 SPS

ADC mode: 0x0000


We notice the following result:

Setting input voltage on AIN0 to -2.5V gives -1.25V as output

Setting input voltage on AIN0 to 0V gives 0.0V as output

Setting input voltage on AIN0 to +2.5V gives +1.25V as output


For us this makes sense because we use differential mode and  0 + 2,5 / 2 = 1,25, right?


At last we' like to know if this is a working way to get the input offset from a ADC input:

We will use the ADG1419 SPST switch to disconnect the input trace as close as possible from the source and instead connect this with AGND?