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AD9833-CLK function

Question asked by imtiyazfmn on Nov 1, 2011
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I am using ad9833 in migration product for my new project ,the history of this product is earlier ML2036  was used, now this IC gets obolate so we are selecting ad9833.

Now the main differance is,in ML 2036 there are 2 registor (shift and latch)  1st data will loaded in shift registor and then latching registor gets upadted  and hence new word is loaded in ML2036,in ad9833 there is no such regisotr available

Second differance is in ML2036 data  gets loaded on rising edge which is exactly reverse as per ad9833.

So my problem is this all activity is hard codeded in FPGA and we are avoiding any change inside FPGA so kindly do quick look and suggest me that is there any ic availble in Analog device or i have to go for some differance solution ?