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AD7193 - Appended status byte

Question asked by estratos on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by estratos

I'm starting to read ADC values from my AD7193 so I set the DAT_STA bit from the MODE register to high in order to identify which channel is returning the value each time I read the DATA register. I'm also checking that this byte is indeed enabled by reading the MODE register so I'm pretty sure that this function is enabled.


Now the problem comes when I read the DATA register. The additional status byte is appended at the end of the ADC but it always equals 0xFF.



I'm also getting weird STATUS values when reading the STATUS register after the ADC; STATUS values like 0x81 when only ADC channel 1 is enabled and 0xC3 when only channel 2 is enabled. I was suspecting that the channel selection was not correctly done but I'm in fact checking the CONFIG register and everything looks good.


Thanks in advance for your tips.