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Generating 3D video signal

Question asked by axisefp on Nov 1, 2011
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I would like to create a frame-packing 3D video signal that is composed of two (left- and right-eye) independent (i.e. from two cameras) video streams. Does anyone know of a development board that would take in two such video streams and output them in the appropriately formatted 3D video signal (along with the HDCP security keys) so that the signal could be displayed on a commercial 3D TV set?  I think this solution would be built around using the ADV7511 part?


Alternatively, I have found a development board that will accept HDMI video through the ADV7612 receiver chip.  If I use this latter solution, my question is:  Will the ADV7612 chip receive these two custom video input signals even though they do not have HDCP security keys attached?