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ADXL354 Temperature Conversion

Question asked by DUrbano on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by MDos

Hi to all,

I'm working on an ADXL354 analog accelerometer with internal temperature sensor; the accelerometer values are ok but I can not correctly convert temperature voltage output in Celsius degrees.

What I make is:

Temperature [°C] = 25  +  (Out_Temperature_Voltage [mV] -  892.2)  / 3.0

because from datasheet I read the conversion factor is 3.0mV/°C and at 25°C the output voltage is 892.2mV. Using this formula I read very strange room temperature the output voltage is about 974mV that gives me a temperature of 52°C !!!!

Please could anyone tell me what's going on ?


Davide Urbano